Azechel Ber'kcar

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|Height| - 6'9" (206 cm)
|Weight| - ~280 lbs (127 kg)
|Hair| - Rich, inky black
|Eyes| - Vibrant verdant green

Captain of The Bearded Sally - Docked at Port Naz'au

Dusky green skin is pulled taught over this frame of muscle, sinew, and bone. Scars of varying shapes and sizes criss-cross over his form, bookmarks of a life lived in conflict and violence. His tusked maw holds strong and defined beneath a thick, dark beard. Though, in previous tussles, one of the tusks was broken and is now capped and fixed with a shaped and polished chunk of gold.

An infant-beast sold to load and unload cargo on the docks, a child stolen by corsairs for better or for worse. Ber'kcar grew as a beast, learned as a man, and walks as he is now because of his past.

Engulfed in a mane of dark hair, decorated tendrils of braided, dreaded, and simply loose hanging locks frame the sides of his face, decorated with jewels and beads of polished stone; along with various other trinkets and baubles, not even the thick beard framing his jaw is exempt from at least a few colored rings of metal.

Clad in the muscles of his brutish half, his frame itself leaned on the more human side; not as wide nor as towering as most of his ilk, a few inches from reaching seven feet. Veins run their course over the smooth flesh, interrupted only where they delve deeper into tissue and various scars bisect their paths. Along with those veins and scars, various tattoos of exotic inks are etched into his flesh, notably upon his forearms and his left leg, colorful ink dancing its way over his dusky flesh.  


When I go into the ground
I won't go quietly,
I'm bringin' my crown
When I go into the ground
Oh, they gotta bury me,
bury me face down

I've been on the run
Since I was a boy
But now I'm done runnin',
got another thing comin'
Watch my enemies get destroyed

I've got troubles of more than one kind
But I never sleep,
gotta bury me six feet deep
Where the sun don't shine

Greens: Everything not in reds is good.
Reds: Pedo, scat, vore.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human