Andreist Si'tae

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Name: Andrister Si'tae
Alias: Andreist, or Andy
Race: Cath
Height: 4'1"
Age: Entirely too old.
Build: Slender

 Before you stands a fairly diminutive feline, coated head-to-tail in short, gray fur. Their face is that of a feline, soft and furred with slit eyes. Atop their head however they bear messy, snowey-white hair, the banes dyed a deep red whilst the rest is tied loosely into a ponytail behind them. Two triangular gray ears poke up through the mess of a mane, ever so slightly too large for their frame. Behind them trails a lengthy tail, easily as long as they themselves are tall. At but a glance it is difficult to make out their exact gender. While they look relatively young, mayhaps twenty or twenty-two by human standards, their emerald eyes betray the sense of intelligence and wisdom that can only come from having lived a very long time. The magically inclined would no doubt recognize that the effects of a druidic Eternal Youth spell are the result of those eyes, made permanent in some lost age.

 Seen naked one can see the ever-so-subtle movement of muscles under their furred frame, skinny by nature with a natural feminine figure. They bear a fluffier tuft of white fur upon their lower belly, just above the region of their crotch; Though what one finds below that patch might vary... Most often, however, it will be a feline sheath and hefty balls, betraying their true gender. For the most part, however, his figure is relatively androgynous.. If not for the furred sheath and sack, it'd be all too easy to mistake him for a flat-chested woman without getting more familiar with him.

 While his outfit may change day-to-day, he always has a single crystalline ring on his left index finger. The ring seems to emit a constant aura of chill, a gentle mist always falling from its surface - It is a chill that the feline seems to never notice, or perhaps is all too familiar with. Though it seems unable to do anything, some enchantment upon the ring always keeps it within a short range of the gray-furred cat.

---OOC Notes---
 As a wizard of some degree, Andreist has access to a wide variety of spells, both mundane and spectacular. As such he also has access to a large number of magicks that alter his physical form - He may come in just about any gender, flavour, race, or even size that one can imagine, from being a minuscule cuntboy of barely six inches in height to a towering shemale that looms over most. Reduce / Enlarge Person and variations thereof are fun spells. If you have suggestions for a specific form, let me know! He needs a good variety of different appearances, and as-of-yet has relatively few.

 It is also worth noting that Andreist has had many years to prepare a wide variety of magical items. As such, most any mundane spell he will cast from an enchanted item of some form, be it a ring, wand, amulet, or even a coin; Though an observant individual can tell that all of these items are retrieved via a single ring, which allows him to open a small rift into a pocket-dimension, no doubt in which all of his enchanted items are stored. If only they could be separated from that ring, then they'd no doubt be separated from a vast reserve of power... Predictably, he has a very strong magical aura about him.

Special thanks to AlteredOracle for the portrait!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human