Natasha of the Grey Guard

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Bitter winds and the ash of enemies and allies alike blowing within them.

This is Natasha's world.

She hails from a distant land that has known only strife and death for a long time. There are few truly innocent and most fall simply into the Grey. Natasha herself considers herself to fall into the grey in turn.

Natasha is a Grey Guard, a monster hunter, a champion for humanity, as best she can be. An inquisitor and executioner by trade who is quick to swing a sword in judgement.

In Natasha's world you are either on the right side or the wrong side of her law.

God help you if you are on the wrong side.


Natasha is a tall figure, usually wearing either a somewhat formal dress or full armor. Her dress and armor alike are always equisite in their simple elegance. Fine embroidery of her chapter displayed proudly on multiple sections, usually depicting somewhat questionable scenes of beheadings or demons and undead being slain. One thing that is always present is her trusty weapon, a great sword that looks rather heavy, but which she shoulders fairly easily, carrying it into social events and combat alike like an old friend.

The sword in particular would catch most peoples eyes, with a skull on the hilt cap and a fine leather binding, leading up to a wolves head seemingly in howl which makes up the cross guard. The blade of the large steel sword extends from the howling maw and has a feint glimmer to it, not magical, but something in particular about the steel, silver perhaps? Or something more. The blade would usually rest in an ornate scabbard embroidered with silver finery and wrapped in dark black leather.

The blade would sometimes contrast with her chosen colors, which she wears often, a mingling of light grey and dark red. She also can sometimes be seen in a pure grey robe. Surprisingly enough, even when in armor or out in her dress she almost always carries a well hooded and deep cloak, choosing to hide her face from passers by and keeping her visage relatively unreadable.

Now should one be lucky enough to see her without her hood she would have rather bright red hair that almost matches the dark reds she prefers. In contrast her deep green eyes would stand out and seem rather captivating were it not from the usual glaring grimace she holds, reserved for friend and foe alike, it is unlikely one would get a true smile out of her. Though now and then she can be seen smirking or sneering in derision. Sadly a common event when some are drawn in by her looks, thinking her to be a fun conversation.

Were one lucky enough to see her undressed, a truly rare events, they would be surprised to find that although she has indeed led a hard life, with several scars crossing over her body and maring her perfectly pale flesh, she also would have quite the figure to her that would tempt even the most chaste of hands. A large expanse of chest, pillowy and softy that would tempt and tease, a narrow waste that looks meant to have hands laid on it, and sumptuous heart shaped rump that seems to beg for a good spanking.

However, spank at your own risk, since the last to do such lost a hand.


Lights - Flexible

Disclaimer - She will probably stab you.
Player:No One Expects The Inquisition
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human