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Race: Demoness
Sex: Herm

Tall, stunningly beautiful and incredibly busty. This large white-haired fiendette seems to have an air of youthful excitement and sexual eagerness about her with a mix of innocence and sinful lasciviousness in her manner that blends surprisingly well with her looks and habitually elegant garb.

Reds: Just the usual server taboos, bathroom antics and gory persuits.

Yellows : Shemales, Males, Dragonkin, Emotionless characters.

Greens: Females. Exotic and extreme matings. Deep insertions. Breeding. Seduction. Depraved lewdness. Tender blushing intimacy with a shy partner. Romantic walks on the beach that turn into violent ravishings with perverted tentacles. get the picture.
Player:Empathic Dreamer
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human