Autumn Silver

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It is clear that this pleasantly plump, attractive maiden is more than content with her proportions. With extra curvature accentuating natural beauty, and a friendly, inviting disposition, she's bound to draw attention one way or the other. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she's often prone to reacting with perpetual positivity, optimism. ~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~
When full, plump, pouty scarlet glossed lips curl into a smile, sky blue eyes light up mirthfully, and a dimple grace each cheek. When she speak, her tone carry a lighthearted, humorous lilt. A fragrant aroma waft from her direction, pleasantly mingling honeysuckle with a dense scent of roses. Should a dainty hand reach out to touch, warm, creamy, silky-smooth skin evinces excellent hygiene. ~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~
She stands confidently at approximately five feet(5')tall. Slim, full brows rest over each eye, a cherubic nose peek out above her lips. Her pleasant round cheeks and face narrow down toward the jaw. Long, thick, rich brown locks frame her comely face, cascading over two feet in length, hanging just above her shapely, bountiful bottom. ~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~
When she walk, wide birthing hips gyrate, dancing with a hypnotic, seductive gait. Thick, chubby, curvaceous thighs graze each other as they carry her along in step. Her assets are incredibly generous in proportion to her short stature. Impressive, heavy breasts drape, supported by no less than a K (JJ) cup size. ~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~
Though her hour-glass figure appears healthy, nubile, and plumb with fertility, she seems to lack much in the way of upper body strength. Through a mirthful smile, sky blue eyes give way to carefully calculating consideration as she ponder.
Red: Illegal RP, Perma-death, Permanent Alteration, Mutilation, Toiletry, GodModding.
Green: Almost 'any' roleplay is appreciated.
White: Quality roleplay governed by story. Lasting, continuous roleplay. Hidden Whites.
Visual Representation: "" ""
Don't be afraid to ask/[tell] me anything. I would ~love~ to hear from you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human