Gallimar Firestone

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Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 4'8
Race: Dwarf
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Homeland: Faerun
Diety: Bane
Alignment: (Find out for yourself..)


Gallimar... He grew up in Nashkel, a village south of Baldurs Gate. There he spent most of hes time in a monastery as a simple monk, he was very selfish and egoistic but still kind in an odd way. A few years later he descided that he wanted to go on an adventure. He wandered north and ended up in Larswood, there he set camp for the night.
Little did he know that a band of orcs had set their eyes on him several hours before he fell asleep. Strangely enough he did awake as he heard footsteps in the forrest. He ran to the nearest cave and hid inside, but the orcs followed him...
Knowing he was doomed and all he prayed to the only god he thought would listen to a desperate monk in need, Bane...
After a little while he saw a freezing black-taloned hand coupled with eyes of blazing fire encased in shadow only moments before the orcs entered the cave. The shadow whispered to him that if he wanted to live he had to serve Bane for the rest of hes life. Gallimar ofcourse agreed very quickly to this and the strange shadow granted him clerical powers that would impress even the most devoted cleric.
He stod up and unleashed a furious array of spells on the orcs, he slaughtered them as if they where nothing! He was then saved from death but at a high cost, he now had to serve bane for the rest of hes life. The strange shadowy figure appeared to him again only moments later and gave him instructions on how he should live hes life from now on. And those instructions... are only for Gallimar to know.


Green: Anything (With some common sense)

Yellow: Shemales, overly violent sex, overly large/tiny toons, people with no description.

Red: Men, rape, blood, gore, scat, humiliation.


Tell friendly!
Player:Zoltan Firestone
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown