Zes Einarsdottir

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Race:  Tabaxi-Gnoll Hybrid
Age: 24
Sex: Shemale
Breast Size: DD
Sexuality: Lesbian

You see what looks to be a strange mix of a creature, a female beast-folk with the general body type of a Tabaxi, but thicker and more muscular, like that of a gnoll.  Her fur shares the same colourings as a Gnoll's, but the markings are clearly those of the cat-folk from Maztica.  When the creature speaks, her voice carries a touch of a Thayan accent, perhaps alluding to how this creature came to be.  Perhaps as such, she seems quite shy around casters, tending to avoid them, especially those wearing the infamous Red.  She keeps her mane cut short and braided, to keep it out of her eyes.  Looking closer upon her, one can tell that she's quite well built, with plenty of muscle- and if one manages a close enough look, a few scars- from her time back home.
Update! (July/ August 2018):  After roughly a year here on the plane of Sinifer, Zes has gone through a few changes and learned a few lessons.

For starters, she's taken to wearing her mane longer, though still prefers to keep it braided and tied back in a bun.

Next would be her physique, as she's now looking less half-starved, and more muscular, toned, and most important of all, fed!  To the point where she's a bit plumper in the right places.

Her view of the colour red and of casters has also changed, having improved considerably during her time here.  She can now be seen proudly wearing the reds of the Syrene Amazons, and she at least seems to be less suspicious of casters in general, though still seems to be leary of the two together.  

A near permanent addition to her wardrobe would be a beautifully made adamantine bladed axe, which now often hangs from her back when not in hand, or stowed away when visiting a bar or similar public establishment.  The weapon seems to be as much a piece of art as it is a functional tool, with engravings along the length of the haft, and an inlay of mithril and orichalcum on the head.  This one item seems to be her most prized possession, and she's deadly protective of it.  

Last, but certainly not least, she's recently joined the Syrene Amazons, finding herself at home with the group.  She seems eager to learn what she can of the tribe's history and happy to finally have something she can truly call home.

GREENS: Spanking, creampies, furries! (obviously), females, herms, futas, vaginal, anal, oral (giving and receiving), facials, cum, voyeurism, exhibitionism
YELLOWS: Anal (Receiving), Halflings*, Gnomes*, Other Small Sized Creatures*, bondage, Males
REDS: Rape, Slavery**, Scat, Urine, pedo stuff, torture, anything against server rules

*:  I'm generally fine with small sized creatures, except for when they're described as being childlike- I find that pretty creepy.  If you enjoy Loli stuff, power to you, but I won't be having anything to do with it.
**: I'll be frank, I don't play here often enough to pursue slavery rp, and even if I did, it'd have to be with someone I know *very* well.

// Ya know what, here's an F-List for anyone who's curious :)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human