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{Alias} Nexanoch
{Race} Shadar-kai
{Build} Athletic, trained
{Height} Six feet, four inches
{Eyes} Voids of pitch-black
{Hair} Long, white, ponytail
{Face} Scarred, pierced, tattooed

Judging by the color of his skin, the black eyes that had no discernible pupil and the eerie way the shadows were drawn to him, this creature could only be a Shadar-kai, and a rather tall one at that.

The horns and the long tail, both of a black that did not match his skin, were certainly out of place and thus could have only been ... stolen? Maybe.

A seeker of pain, pleasure, knowledge and anything else that implied a certain risk that kept his curse at bay, Nexanoch was a polite creature with several secrets up his sleeve. His only apparent possessions were a tiny pouch by his side, and a sword that was sometimes seen in its sheath, resting on his back.

[[ A heavy work in progress, detailed bio to follow. ]]
Player:Taedium Vitae
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human