Rose Ralien

Rose Ermwood

Quick References:

AGE: 270
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
HEIGTH: 5'4" (164cm)
WEIGTH: Dont think about it


she does not look like your Typical Girl on the Streets of Sinfar.
She has very dark violet hair, its hard to differeciate between Black and Violet even from up close to her Face.
Her Mouth usually shows a dark, dangerous smile, often, when she eyes a new or well known person, she licks her Lips and stares at the Person with dangerous, nearly greedy Desire.

Her eyes are in a cold light blue, its hard to tell if these are her normal Eyes or somehow changed with some form of Magic, but the longer you stare into them. the more you feel how they penentrate your Will, your deepest Desires, if you let her, she will read your Mind. Atleast, you will think that. [[If you want it, just send me a Tell with the Topic your Character has in Mind right now]]

Her Face is often colored with Makeup, especially around her Eyes, she often wears a Black and Violet tint around them, while her Lips usually are market with Dark Red Lipstick.

Usually, even in her Combat 'dress' she does not wear any obvious Weapons.

STORY [[Spoilers!]]

As a young woman, she had no clue about Magic, since she came from a poor Family. She didnt know much about anything except Farming, she grew up on a Boring Farm with a Boring Life, this stopped abrupt as her Village got Raidet by Soldiers she has never seen before.
She managed to hide in the cellar between some Sacks of Flour during the Attack, but the Moment the soldiers left the Village, with a lot of the people dead or wounded, the next step happend. A number of dark dressed People without weapons entered the Village and searched for Survivors, just like Rose was one, soon they found her and kidnapped her.
For a while, she learned what it meant to be property of someone. She worked Night and Day for her new owner without getting anything in return.
One Night she discovered their Secret, in a Meeting with some people in the Castle she was helt, they showed their Dragon Wings and talked about a bunch of Mysterious artifacts they want to aquire, that was the Reason why they raided the Village in the first Place.

[[Plothole. I dont want to give everything about her away, but if this interests you, feel free to start an RP where you will get to know more!]]

Today, over 200 Years later then the Meeting, she should be long dead, since she just is a Human, but somehow she managed to get her Hands on one or two of these Artifacts, thats also the Reason for her Light Blue eyes.


Thanks for getting this far in the Profile, or just skipping to it, thanks for the interest in this Character!
Since a lot of People are here for sexual things, i will add a big part about it below, since i also enjoy the one or another sexual Roleplay!
But more Important than that: If we RP, i need to warn you about the fact that im not a native english speaker, but you probably figured that out already since there are a million grammar errors in the Text above, i think.
Also, if we ever go out of the City for a Hunting Party, i need to warn you that im completly useless, since my Laptop is from the early 2000s and cant run NWN very well, it often slows down or even crashes.

Lights & Sexual:

She is a born Female and also has every sexual Part that a female should have, yet she owns a Ring that can give her a Dick and/or Balls for various actions. Usually, she will use the Ring by herself if she is in the Mood or when she gets asked to.

She is a Switch character, the side that is stronger depends a lot on my Mood and how my Partner plays, if you show clear submissive leanings, she will be a lot more dominant.

A Word about Poofing:
It happens, sometimes its your Internet that just screws you over, other times you are done with your Personal Business and dont want to waste more Time. In case you think about quitting the Scene, be a nice Person and quickly send me a Tell with "Sorry i will quit, i had fun, bye!" or something similar so i know its not your net and dont have to wait for your comeback (And i know you enjoyed it which is always nice!).

She is a Gold Digger from Time to time, if you are Rich and want to spend it on her, feel free to do so, she will show herself very grateful. Some nice looking clothes are always a good start for a Conversation that quickly leads to something a Men would desire!

Everything that is not so often played around here. Important note: It should be allowed on the Server!
But, if you have a crazy/weird/kinky Idea you would think other people would freak out about or feel disgusted or Anything, please tell me about it, i wont judge, most likely, i will love to play it with you!

I will make this a lot more simple: If she is sub, she will do EVERYTHING what the Dom desires, so you can ignore the Reds, but keep in mind that i dont really enjoy them and will just go with the flow.
In case of her being dominant, i will just eye your Lights and will see to make something nice out of it!

Oral giving. It is fun, but it often takes way to much time and i feel like i Repeat myself a lot during the scene, so if you keep it Short, i will love it!
Vanilla Sex Scene, if there is just Vanilla without anything special, you can put this on Red aswell, but usually Vanilla Sex bores me rather quickly.

Breaking Server Rules, Diapers in any form, people who Quit during RP without saying a word.
Player:Lady Rose
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human