Marrick the Wildborne

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His natural form is that of a large black wolf. On all fours, his shoulders come up to about four feet high. His body from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail is about seven feet long altogether. He has jet black fur and when he speaks, it is with a deep, rumbling growl, though his diction is clear and distinct.

He smells of mahogany, cedar, and the undeniable scent of hard sweat, pheramones flowing freely from him in an almost intoxicating way. He speaks with a deep, booming growl of a voice. His features, though attractive, are somehow wise and ancient and that booming growl speaks with a great perceived knowledge of the world around him.

He often can be seen lazing about Sinifer when not tending to his garden or meditating. While in the city he can almost always be seen gazing around at the various inhabitants with his bright, golden eyes. He remains largely quiet unless approached or roused in some way.

OOC Stuff

This character is primarily interested in romantic and flirtatious encounters and is very unlikely to engage in anything beyond casual flirting without seriously getting to know a character first.

Greens: Talking, telling jokes, getting to know people, waffles

Reds: ERP with strangers, general rudeness, ooc disputes

Tell friendly. If I'm not talking to someone IC I'm probably bored or lonely, so by all means say hello~. I'm always about that ooc consent before anything crazy happens.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown