Emilie Aleanneldth

Emilie is a young, short, slim elf whose most promiment feature is her striking red, lengthy hair that falls down below her waistline. Most often it's kept tied up in a long pony tail.

Her skin is pale, soft and she possesses gentle curves. Overall her figure is nothing out of the ordinary. Both eyes are emerald green with gold flecks, much the same as other moon elves despite the obvious differences in hair and skin tone.

The elf politely smiles to those she meets. Her scent is that of mulberry flower, orange flower, vanilla and sandalwood.

Most commonly she wears light makeup to accentuate her features. Silver appears to be her preference for jewellery.

Greens: Very vanilla

Reds: Server rules. Character is smart and tends to avoid anything uncomfortable far before it happens. Otherwise ask if needed.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf