Velvet Snow

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Velvet Snow
5 Feet even
100 lbs
Early twenties

The lass that stands before you holds herself with confidence and usually, an easy smirk.  A pretty tanned face, and a soft supple body. Though a slight woman, she is much stronger than she looks.

She usually dresses in soft worn leathers, clothes easy to move around in. She's rarely without her signature tri-point hat. Well loved, it is marked with knicks and scrapes that say this lass has seen her way around a fight or two. That being said, she seems to have managed without many scars, from what you can see. Either luck, skill, or a really good healer in her company.

Some know her as Vet, a sweet girl, friendly with everyone.

Some know her as that mage's girlfriend, you know the one.

Some know her as the pirate Queen, though if that's just a nickname or an actual title remains to be seen.

Some know her as the Rum Goddess, which she happily accepts.

Some know her as Captain, though now technically an admiral of her own fleet. She will tell you that she mostly does merchant shipping, but a sly smile lets you know that probably is not all she does with her fleet, or her businesses.

Few know her as Snow. The darkness there deep inside that she struggles to keep hidden. Ready to strike down her enemies in a quick strike of her axe, she is unwavering when she sets her mind to the justice she seeks, right or wrong. There is hidden magic, yet unlocked, in her as well.

Perky round breasts taper into a cinched slim waist before flaring out slightly into slim hips. Her long red hair curls softly down nearly to her waist. Jade eyes sit wide in her face with a small dainty nose between them. Dark eyelashes flutter, and pink full lips look soft and kissable.

She always has some sort of blade on her, usually her two sai's, or two axes, hooked at each side of her hips. Even if you don?t see them, she most certainly has something to protect herself, and she carries herself with that confidence.
She smells of salt water and jasmine. Subtle and not overpowering. But it is clear she spends a lot of time near the water.

She talks with a bit of an accent, perhaps sounding a little uneducated to some, or perhaps from spending time around slums and piratey type people.  She's extremely loyal and protective over those she cares for, and over her crew. A fierce fighter when she needs to be, she still tends to be friendly more so than not. This doesn't stop her from taking someones head when necessary.

She is the owner of Port O' Storms Distillery underneath Greathearth Tavern in the Gateward.

Owner of the Dirty Kraken, coming soon to Saban.

Owner of a black market coming soon!

Greens:      Storylines First!
Piratey/shipside RP, intrigue, long term stories. She has four ships, and slightly different rp with each. Drug/illegal running, rescuing slaver girls, merchant shipping/rum shipping, and her main ship.

Looking for crew for her fleet, as well as staff for businesses! PM me if interested.

Vampires, Werewolves, magical beings.
Men. Not really interested in women alone, but occasional threesomes are okay in the right situation.

Mind Control. Magic. Drugs.

She tends to switch dominant and submissive depending on the situation and day.

Reds- Not looking to be a slave, No bathroom play, Nothing permanent, Nothing against server rules, No Pedo, etc etc etc

Pretty open otherwise, if a scenario starts heading somewhere I'm not comfortable with, I will let you know.
Tell Friendly, have any ideas sent me a message!

Happy to help build and run RP events (Myself or with friends.), if there?s an idea you have that you need help pulling off, feel free to send me a tell!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human