Tristan Shae

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Updated as of 08/23/2021

A man in his early-thirties, Tristan stands at roughly 6'2" with a lean muscled build and reddish brown hair tied neatly back. Several faded scars on his face and arms identify him as a veteran of battle, though one wouldn't think it from the stylish clothes and cheerful smile he most often wears.

Tristan is a bard by trade and has spent the last few years practicing and improving his craft. He writes and sings his own songs and often frequents venues and establishments that cater to bards and their ilk. After many performances and concerts, Tristan has earned a measure of renown for his work. Notably, he taught an acclaimed ten-week bardic class for the Mur Village Arcanum School.

He is always looking for new work and may even write themed songs upon request. As a bard, he stays on the lookout for brave heroes and inspiring displays of courage. Naturally, Tristan is an eager adventurer and will happily join in any honorable quest.

As of late, Tristan has been seen sharing the company of his new wife, the lovely K'ara Angelf. One might note the elegant wedding band adorning his finger, white gold set with a dark sapphire. Tristan seems to be in excellent spirits, cheerful and content with life and one can well imagine why.  

(Special thanks to Aurarei for designing Tristan's incredible portrait)

Greens: Adventuring, creativity, fun RP, interesting characters, characters with a story, great clothes, sightseeing, new places, conversation, flirtation, games, meeting people, songs and music.    

Yellows: Tristan is currently in a romantic relationship. As such, he will abstain from affairs and other sexual activities. Any such attempts will be gently but firmly declined.

Reds: All server banned items as well as other usual suspects.

Player is tell friendly and always open for questions or conversation.  
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human