Ahti is a woman of pleasant bearing and form.  Her face is soft and rounded, her lips seem to be constantly set in a cheerful, friendly smile.  

Her form is not that of anyone that's even seen a fight, let alone been involved in one. She's not fat, she's not even chubby, but she looks deliciously soft, a curvy, maternal form that boasts a large, healthy bust and a pair of wide, child-bearing hips.

Her skin is of a dark, umber tone, her hair is a contrasting red and her eyes... are pale, greyish almost.  The woman is most certainly blind.  


* Ahti is the priestess of an Egyptian-inspired fertility goddess, as such she's very open to 'acts of worship' that leave her or others impregnated.  Please page if interested!

I'm also very interested in kidnapping and corruption scenes!


* Red - Scat is the main one here along with snuff, though mood-dependant this may change.

* Yellow - Long-term enslavement play, watersports, bodymods (needs to be discussed first)

* Green - Many things!  Bondage, dominance, submission, orgasm control or denial either giving or receiving, cuddling and just about anything else!  

* White - Impregnation and Mummification are the main, kink-wise, focusses of this character!
Player:Eva Kova
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human