Ririka is a pallid, soft featured woman whose looks and usual style of dress point to the Lotus Isles or some similar culture as a point of origin. She has a pleasantly curved body and an ample chest attached to an otherwise slender form and often boasts a variety of accessories to compliment her wardrobe. Though quiet she would seem fairly approachable at first glance, and more often than not her nails would be painted some shade of purple, or less often, black. Her walk always carries an exaggerated sway of her hips and a decidedly lewd dancelike quality.

On closer examination a few traits would likely raise a few eyebrows or mar her otherwise lovely image. First would be the elongated canine teeth that show plainly whenever she smiles. The second would be a peculiar rigidity to her facial expressions. Any changes to her expression would be a bit slower in coming than those of a normal person and would somehow have an artificial quality that would seem more at home on a mask than a person.


Lights: Open to most things that don't belong in the bathroom. The important things are that Ririka has no sexual interest in men, prefers to be dominant or an equal partner in bedroom activities, and anything long term should be discussed OOCly, preferably with some RP building up in that direction.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human