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~Background and description~

half-fiendish sun elf

chaotic neutral, leaned strongly toward the gentler aspects of chaos as is freedom, variety and self-expression, at present slightly leaned toward good, which may change under long term circumstances


young mature


slender/tall, fragile of low constitution, carrying athletic traits of high dexterity and low to average strength.

ample/long/straight of raven-black color, knotted in various ways or just simply left breezy always and unnaturaly brisk and fresh
(color and alteration may change depending on mood)

heterochromatic shades of black and red, resplendent, deep black-teal, gloving in red
(may change significantly depending on mood and present alignment)

flawless elven, cherished by the Sun over decades, gently "spoiled" by a barrage of barely visible freckles around Eymandras nose bridge and upper cheeks

~Fiendish traits~
- a pair of curled horns dominating Eymandras head like a crown
- a pair of extended canines to small fangs decorating Eymandras smile
- a long fidgety tail that may reflect the current mood even more genuinely then an expression or words in certain situations, even though she does her best to have it under control most of the time

~Special or racial abilities~
- shapeshift (gender included, however it would be very surprising if it happened for a sexual reason. She is a female)
- high resistance to extreme weather, especially hot one
- immunity to poison
- immunity to mind affecting spells and effects
- immunity to all non-magical diseases
- darkvision
- above average listen check
- low but existing spell resistance

~Theme song~

~List of toons of mine closely attached to Eymandras story and RP~
magical item-like toons:
- Enchanted Blade of Desolation
- Bonecarvin's Reaper - Spine of the Harvest
- Bonecarvin's Treachery - Favor of Wraiths
- Magical staff of Black widow
- Lolth's staff of unholy clergy
- Ghostly bow of keen senses
- Elvashalee d'Yuathidrinn
- Falaagam
- Zyreus

- anything that goes against the server rules
- having fun on behalf of other players
- trolling
- exaggerated expectations of realism
- exaggerated size differences
- feces, gore, vorarephilia, perma stuff, humiliation, corruption, rape
- PvP

Yellow leaned toward red:
shemales, heavy dom/sub, pregnancy, bdsm

Yellow leaned toward green:
ERP (nothing is granted and quality comes before quantity, sorry, but when it develops, it becomes very much welcome), women in ERP (she favors men - she is open minded however)

story telling, story making, adventuring, light ERP (romance, dating, flirting, teasing, seduction, sensuality), non erotic RP, descriptive and vivid emotes, PvE, being approached, males (shy, even unexperienced males are her soft spot), magical beasts (werewolves, imps, demons, devils, goblins, gnols, etc etc), lasting relationships of any kind, relaxed DnD rules based RP, traveling, exploring, blueberries, games, cosplay,..

Kinks and favored likes are to be found via RP. The player is tell-friendly.

Not a native English speaker (C1).
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf