Marek the Golden Lion

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NAME: Marek, though he is also nicknamed as "the Golden Lion" by some people
RACE: Kasheer (anthropomorphic felines)
GENDER: male
AGE: adult (in your fourties in human years)
HEIGHT: 7' (about 215 cm)
WEIGHT: 231 lbs (about 105 kg)
BUILD: strong
FEATURES: lion head, lion tail, inverted legs, lion claws
JOB: Slaver specialized in training and breaking girls into what he calls "fucktoys"

Marek is quite impressive at first sight, and it's not just because of his towering size or muscular body : the fact that he looks like an anthropomorphic lion plays also a huge part in this feeling. His black skin is actually covered in a very thin fur that keeps him warm and feels nice to the touch, while his long black mane is quite thick and sturdy. His face is one of a feral lion, showing fangs that look like they're able to tear a human face apart in one bite while his golden eyes seem to appraise anyone they set upon as potential prey. His strong inverted legs end in clawed paws, making him unable to wear normal boots. While his arms and hands are more similar to a humanoïd, they are still thick and his fingers hide retractable claws like those of normal felines, giving him a clear advantage to hold his grip on anything. When you see him from behind, you can't miss his long tail, often lazily wriggling in the air and ending with a bushy fur.

While he doesn't really need to wear clothes, Marek knows better than walking around naked. He likes colorful outfits like those you find in the South. Since his legs aren't suited for boots, he walks on his bare paws, even though he usually puts leather protection on his shins. He's also fond of jewelry, especially made of gold and precious stones like emeralds and rubies. Even so, Marek isn't a sophisticated person - most of the outfits and jewelry he owns do have simple designs. He just shows that he has enough money to live in luxury.

Marek speaks the common tongue with a heavy accent, rolling the "r" in an exaggerated way. He usually calls most of the other species as "furless people", especially humans and elves. In every aspect, he looks like a stranger, even when he lives in a place for years. He has a particular way of interacting with females, often touching them in inappropriated places without really minding to ask their permission. His hands usually don't stay still as he's talking and groping girls in the middle of a casual conversation is a common occurence with him. No need to say it has brought him some troubles in the past.

This lionman is often seen wandering, apparently without a purpose - well, at first sight, because he's actually a slaver. While he has already enough gold to live a comfortable life, he's still active in the business, "just for the pleasure of it". He's specialized in handling female slaves for sexual purposes and takes great pride to train them personnally. His business isn't really thriving as he takes his time to break the girl's will and instruct them to obey every order of their future owner without thinking twice, but Marek doesn't care much about money anymore. In more than a way, he treats it as a hobby, even though he's thoroughly professionnal while doing his job.

Even though he isn't particularly gentle, Marek is perfectly able to have a civil conversation with anyone, including "potential kittens" as he calls those he appraises as future slaves. He has a long history of travels and adventures, and knows enough of the laws of the "furless people" to avoid rubbing their hair in the wrong way. That doesn't mean he won't be breaking them if he can see a profit in that act - just that he likes his life the way it is and would rather make sure it keeps being like this as long as he can enjoy.

Marek is known to own a house in Saban, where he sometimes deals with slave trade. He's known here as "the Golden Lion" and is sometimes called that by people.

OOC Information

~Always looking for slaves, ask me in /tell for details/agreements~

I can roleplay in English and French, but be aware French is my first language, so please forgive me if I do some mistakes while writing in English.

My time zone is GMT +01:00. I live in Central Europa, so it is highly possible we play at different hours - especially if you are on the other side of the sea.

I am very /tell friendly. If you have any question, please don't be shy - I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

This character is mainly made for social Roleplay/Erotic Roleplay.

Be warned I really don't like people logging out without warning and then act like nothing happened afterwards. If you have to go or want to stop the RP for any reason, just tell me in OOC and I will always understand. I will never force you to play a RP you don't like as a player and will immediately stop if you say that to me. Otherwise, don't be surprised if I refuse to play with you next time, with any of my characters.

My Lights for ERP are quite straightforward, but you can ask me in a private tell if you want to know if something not listed below is fine with me or not. I have a f-list if you want to check :

White (this is what I'm looking after in priority)
- Playing a dominant role
- Playing with female submissive characters
- Slaver roleplay (including a possible economy based on slave sales or playing the role for a special event not meaning his death - better to talk me about it in /tell for what we can do)
- Master/slave relationships
- Slave training/handling
- Humiliation/objectification (including forcing the girl to dress in a slutty way/wear no clothes/showing her breasts and genitals
- Using leash and collar

Green (I like to play those, but talking about it before RP doesn't hurt.)
- Halfling-size female characters (including halflings - duh!-, goblins, catlings...)
- Non-consensual sex
- Wild/rough sex
- Using the girl as a fuck toy
- Size difference (interacting/playing with characters with a significant difference in size)
- Belly bulge/unrealistic insertions

Yellow (it depends from my mood and the preferences of my partner, so please ask me in OOC before playing)
- Necrophilia (usually one-shot RP or RP with no consequence)
- Consuming after sex (usually one-shot RP or RP with non consequence)

Red (I'm not interested to play with those, in addition to those banned by server rules)
- Playing a submissive role
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human