Pronounced Air-oo-ahn-nah
Race: Elf
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Age: 129

This elf doesn't seem to be very elven. She grew up in the streets of Sinfar, doing everything and and anything needed to survive. Her parents were murdered, leaveing her to fend for herself from a very young age. She is a street walker, a back stabber, an evasive woman, a pick pocket...but most of all she is a surviver.

She carries herself with a combination of grace, speed and strength...though if one were to assess her abilities, it would be more towards speed and agility. She is light on her feet but is also capable of hitting hard...she prefers weapons that hit quicker to ones that hit harder. Her weapon of choice is a to dodge her oponent all day while picking away it's health and looking for an oppourtunity to stab the tip into his back.

The queen of the streets carries herself in a usually jovial and bizarre fashion.  She is often swept up in the excitement of a current prank or scheme, or just in general of screwing around. She often saves her deeper side for her very close friends, and rarely shows it in public. Her view on life is one that life should be enjoyed, not regretted and not "emoed through". Having lived in Sinfar city all her life, she knows a lot about the going ons, the people and the city in general.

OOC Info:
Anything permanent will not be. It's a redlight and if it somehow happens, Sinfar's clerics will fix it.Whether that be a collar removed or an arm reattatched or life being given back to her. Scat, Vore and Cervical Penetration will be redlighted. Pedophilia will be redlighted and imediatly reported. Body alteration is a yellowlight...depending on what it is. Other than that, everything is fair game(that I know of).

She has many friends and is quite strong, so if you try to force anything against her there will probably be repercussions.  Her belief is also mostly monogamous, feeling that when someone is in a relationship they should be loyal to each other to reinforce the love. Her motives are usually not sexual, but sometimes she does get in the mood and will go looking for a quick fling if she's single.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf