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Name: Zarra
Gender: Female
Race: Seems elven
Height: 5'4''/1.62m
Build: Slim, lithe, slightly muscular
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Skin: Just as her hair, very pale
Scent: Vanilla and coffee

   A pair of reddish eyes, at day hidden behind sunglasses, were always wary of her surroundings. Her slender body, more often than not, covered by clothes, carefully defending her pale skin from direct sunlight, leaving only her face susceptible to the attack of a light. Instead of wrapping her head in a hood, she carried an umbrella wherever she went.
   She was beautiful, just like many elves were, her delicate features highlighted by her pale skin and contrasted by a dark, aggresive lipstick.


   Reds: Anything against server rules, toilet stuff, gross stuff, most permanent changes, pregnancy, ugly races in ERP,  bestiality, awful English, OOC tells to set up a scene (I don't mind some casual chatter in tells though), openly public play. Probably other things I've forgotten - if something I don't like happens, I'll tell you.

  Greens: Good RP, walk-ups, privacy, rough sex, messy sex, femine characters, being on top, being on bottom.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf