Nawen 'Fade' Meivriana

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This woman appears to be rather fond of baggy or highly-concealing clothing, but stands tall whenever not slouched over. She bears midback-length reddish-brown hair and crystalline blue eyes. The tips of pointed ears occasionally peek out from behind her mane of hair. Her features hold the delicate lines of wood elves, though she appears much larger than most of her kind. Her clothing might hint at a curvy figure, though it is as often hidden from direct view. Should she ever disrobe, further description will be forthcoming.

When she speaks, her voice might bear the accent common to Faerun's Silverymoon area and the Chondathan language from the same.

((In progress and subject to change! Player is tell-friendly within reason.))

Red: Server standards, no toilet stuff
Yellow: Most things- I'm rather new to this, so I'll try anything once. If I say I'm uncomfortable, I'm probably done going in that direction.
Green: Good descriptions and effort, solid RP, communication!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human