Licere D'nirn

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Race: Fey'ri
Heritage: Moon Elf/Cornugon
Age: 184
Height: 5'1
Build: Slim, unimposing, 'noodly'
Hair: Long, voluminous, curly. Color varies.
Eyes: Yellow, Luminescent

        Eva's Licere

Art! Because my girlfriend is bad with money:

She appears to be a slender, ditzy thing, her features mark her as having some clear lower plane influence on her blood. A tiefling of some kind, perhaps?

The first, most noticeable thing about the gray gal is her hair. Beautiful, curly, and voluminous, it's clearly something that's well cultivated and cared for. A thing of pride for the woman, the sort of hair oft associated with the higher classes; well to do nobility rather than anyone more low borne.

The observation of being 'well bred' might continue elsewhere. The woman's skin is free from any sort of blemish, her hands are soft and free from callouses - it's clear she's lived a good life, free from any sort of hard labor.

Her facial features seem very elven in nature, aside from the obvious infernal blemishes. High cheekbones, symmetrical and sharp, perhaps even more so than your typical elf. But she's obviously not an elf, at least entirely.

Licere is, in truth, a blending of Moon Elven and Infernal blood; not a 'true' fey'ri, but close enough to call the label into question, seeing as how such creatures are rare enough that there's little else to call them.

The tainted blood takes its toll and makes itself known in rather obvious ways. A spaded tail, unnatural skin, yellow eyes, horns like a ram's - a scattershot of mutated features that demand to be seen, as though refusal to go ignored by the world.

Licere typically wears bright, flashy clothes, in the style of a magician or swashbuckler or performer; flowing things that only serve to make her seem more graceful in motion. These articles are typically accompanied by a tattered green scarf, or a fanciful hat. Jewelry usually takes the form of gaudy rings and religious symbols relating to the Seldarine; chiefly, she seems to favor Tethrin Veralde and Sehanine Moonbow. Either a very odd, or a very calculated choice, considering just what she actually is.
You did it! You found the hidden theme song!

Yellow: Bathing in the blood and/or sarcasm of her enemies. Also her own blood and/or sarcasm. Only as a result of ~*Good RP*~ though.

Red: Anything non-consensual, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, bathroom stuff. Kitsune. Elves named after colors. People who put 'Consequences' under Green. Characters that list "No Lights" under lights. Players who refuse to put lights because they think they should be 'discovered during RP', that's not how the system works. 'Victim' characters. If the character is made from the ground up for only bad shit to happen to them I'm not going to bother investing myself.

This all goes both ways, of course.
Player:Devil Trigger
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf