Licere D'nirn

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Race: Fey'ri
Heritage: Moon Elf/Cornugon
Height: 5'1
Build: Slim, unimposing, 'noodly'
Hair: Long, voluminous, curly. Color varies.
Eyes: Green (Yellow naturally)

She appears to be a shy, ditzy Moon Elf, though she stands at a rather short height for one. The first thing most would notice, and quite clearly what she would want you to notice, would be her hair; long and curly and impressively voluminous, her usually brown (it changes!) hair flows down all the way to her hips.

Her face is mostly typical for a Moon Elf with speckled green eyes and high, regal cheekbones, though her features would be just a bit sharper, more defined, more symmetrical than average, though certainly still within what most would expect from an elf. Her skin is a shade more tan than most of her kind, and free from any sort of blemish - it's clear that she's lived a good life, free from any sort of hard labor.

She tends to prefer more conservative clothing, though the actual styles range from elegant to casual, and usually in some darker shade of red. While she seems to favor skirts and dresses she's usually seen wearing some sort of stockings or long boots that come up to her thighs, but the only constants would be a silver pendant, a number of enchanted rings, and a green scarf which she often fidgets with. More recently, however, she's often seen openly wearing religious symbols of the Seldarine - perhaps odd, considering her true nature.

Upon closer examination, this necklace would appear to be enchanted, its effect both specific and potent - It prevents those with heightened sense from discerning her true nature - Rather than any sort of Infernal corruption, they would see a sort of magical obstruction, which is still conspicuous in its own way.

Were her illusions to be destroyed or otherwise removed, she would be seen for what she really is; a Fey'ri: an intermingling of Elven and Fiendish blood.

It would seem that her "disguise" isn't far off the mark, perhaps an idealized form of her true self, with her skin in actuality being an ashen-grey in color, and her hair black. A set of ram-esque horns protrude from her head, curling around and crowning her skull.

Just as noticeable, a set of yellow, glowing, otherworldly eyes paired with black sclera replace her normally disguised greens. They seem more attentive, somehow, than when she's disguised. Perhaps they betray a deeper insight than she makes known, or is she simply more cautious when exposed?

Much farther down, a spaded tail would be seen, a pesky thing that she seems to have some control over, yet chooses to keep coiled around her waist in yet another effort to keep others from seeing her for what she is.

Unfortunately for Licere, a standard True Seeing spell, or racial abilities that mimic it, are more than capable of piercing her disguise.

She's also often seen with a number of magical stones orbiting her person while out and about, the stones each offering some sort of minor magical boon - either a status symbol, or a crutch for her own less than spectacular magical ability.

Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, bathroom stuff. Kitsune. Characters that list "No Lights" under lights. 'Victim' characters. If the character is made from the ground up for only bad shit to happen to them I'm not going to bother investing myself.

This all goes both ways, of course.

Player is tell friendly, but has occasional connection problems.
Player:Devil Trigger
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf