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[TL;DR Stat Sheet!]
Race: 3/4 Sun Elf, 1/4 Demon of Unknown Variety
Gender: Female
Height: 4'7"
Build: Slender, but somewhat curvy.
Weight: Not very much at all
Eyes: Violet with slitted pupils
Orientation: Pansexual


A small, elven sized figure with a slightly androgynous look, though one that erred more on the feminine side. Kaidh's violet eyes often glanced about quickly, as if methodically (or somewhat paranoidly) taking in her surroundings and the people around constantly.

Though not particularly unpleasant to look at, Kaidh's somewhat plain facial features and scrawny frame wouldn't be winning any beauty pageants. Her chest was fairly modest, but larger than it used to be, and her hips slim and narrow like most elves, though with a bit more of a healthy curve to them now.

There were a few features that made Kaidh stand apart from most elves, however. For one, her hair was consistently a striking violet colour - and if one looked closely enough, the roots were the exact same colour as the rest of her hair, suggesting it wasn't dyed.

In addition, she had a single, somewhat large red and black horn curling forwards and upwards from the right side of her head. There was no horn-stump on the other side of her head, suggesting that there had never been a second horn.

Like her hair, Kaidh's eyes were a striking violet, and the pupils narrowed into a bit of a slit rather than the standard circular shape.

And finally, she had a fairly long, reasonably thick tail protruding from her rear, which ended in a small spaded tip. The tail often curled and flicked about, seeming rather responsive with Kaidh's feelings and emotions.


Red Light: True Rape/Non-Con, Toilet Stuff, Sexual Violence/Torture, Pedo and other things against the rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human