Marianna Vispanius-Agrippa

Height: 6'10" ( ~2.2 meters )
Weight: ~200 lbs ( 90 kg )
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Rich Tan

Noticeable Marks: This woman is an Untouchable. A Pariah. A "Null". Her mere presence is anathema to psionic powers and even puts most weak-willed people into existential dread. All feel the intangible sensation of mortality around her, immortals and mortals alike. Magic may not work as intended (RP-wise), and psionic abilities always fail to afflict her directly.

Noticeable Marks, pt. 2: A few fine lines frame her face, as if slender, sharp points cut into the edges of her jaw and cheeks. All of the scars on her face are very recent and healed exceptionally well.

Upon first inspection, you spy someone who looks perhaps a bit out of place in the realm of Sinfar. Her armor is heavy, utterly so. Layers of black and red with steel that's been polished to a fine sheen despite the battle damage her unique style of armor has suffered. Despite it all, she carries an array of fine weapons. A heavy sword upon her hip, along with a smattering of a book, component pouches and a pistol holstered amongst her belts. Though when faced with truly dangerous foes, she resorts to a massive gun that she wields in two hands.

As for the lady herself? She sports a short, tomboyish crop of hair that is flipped over one eye stylishly. Scintillating blue with vivid contrasting streaks of violet. Her eye is a steely ice-blue, glittering with vitality and giving her the look of being in the prime of her life. ((Hair subject to change now and then!))

Her body is best described as purely athletic. Strongly corded muscles that are wrapped around a still-womanly figure. Looking much like she could easily rival the strongest men of any world. Simply put, she is quite Amazonian in physique. Not necessarily from the Amazons of Sinfar, but definitely sporting the iconic 'warrior woman' body.

If ever given a reason to shed her armor, her body bears wicked scars here and there. Flesh marked by a life of hunting monstrous creatures, demons and vile sorts in all manner of realms. She doesn't bare her body often, though it is usually when someone has gained her friendship to be willing to 'show off' her badges of victory. These scars carry a greenish tint to them, and seem supple to the touch.

She is not timid, nor weak. It is definitely ill-advised to force oneself upon this warrior-woman as she doesn't seem to at all fit the usual Sinfar classification of "rape bait".

Otherwise, she sports a soft accent of sophistication. A soft smile curling her lips most of the time. Her voice is a rich mezzo-soprano, perhaps she sings rather well when she wants?

Did we mention she is a Blank? If one does not know of this, then surely you are not wise to her home realm. Though many might feel a sense of oddity and wrongness around her, and directly mind-manipulating psychic abilities seem to fizzle out when trying to affect her.

         >>>OOC Info!<<<

While not a full-on Pariah, she is indeed a Null. Presenting an aura of 'wrongness' that might drive others away. Magic does not affect her entirely as predicted, and psionics have little to no effect - only the most powerful or devoted of psionic creatures would even touch her with their abilities.

To those who are psionic, this is entirely up to you! She causes discomfort within proximity and physical pain with her touch. She is anathema to psionic beings and acts like a dark void where no mind-reading nor detection via psionic powers function.

Thanks for reading! Have fun!!

Reds: Breaking rules. Childlike characters. Scat. Excessive gore. Permadeath without prior discussion.

Yellows: If you aren't comfortable with something, then I won't try it.

Greens: A lot. Way too many things to list, and trying to would just diminish the character. Suffice to say, freaky stuff allowed. If it's not a Red, then it's free game. If you expect Marianna to have a dick, you will probably have to convince the hell out of her to try growing one somehow, or something.

Whites: Roleplay, adventuring. Making money. People that are true to their character, even if there is tons of internet porn made about them! Lasting consequences, evolving roleplay.

I know, woo hoo! Bolter Bitches! Adepta Sororitas! For the Emperor! And all that.

This character is loosely defined by the typical setting of Warhammer 40K, but I'm toning down the Heresy Detector by a few hundred Heretics, obviously.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human