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    Got bullied by DM Leverage
Could be a fiend
  Or maybe of The Mount
        Perhaps something in between

This dusky skinned figure comes and goes with a militaristic gait, but if you were to pay attention. Asche's height is rather average for males, being five and a half
feet. His physique seems to be taken great care of, toned and fit, hinting at the disciplined lifestyle this figure leads.

Asche's hair is kept rather short and neat, again, seeming to take great care of his person. Asche's facial features are round and youthful. When this man speaks, his voice betrays his youthful features, being that of a deep baritone  behind his speech. Lastly, there's a peculiar glow to his irises. Lambent eyes in fact, a shade of golden orange. There are no hints as to why Asche's eyes is of such, though it does hint at him being something more than a mortal.

Should one linger around Asche, they would notice that he's a patient one, as if the realm's at a tranquil balance. The lids of his eyes sometimes adopting a languid appearance to further make the calmness evident. As for his scent, sometimes spearmint, sometimes exotic blends of tobacco.

No tells, fam. Maybe sometimes.

"A villain in your land, in his land a ruler"
Player:One Two Diligent Step
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human