Varthus Magellan

His skin swirls and moves as if his entire body is coated with a thick layer of ink. His hair is snowy white, a brilliant contrast against the ebbing motion of his obsidian skin. His eyes are calm and gleam with interest at any woman that comes near him. They are a piercing violet.

He is muscular and tall, though he is in no way bulky. He stands with a rather self-absorbed demeanor and when he speaks it is with an extremely steady calmness that may often bring unease to one's mind. He has a light accent that rolls off of his tongue sweetly, sounding similar to a song at times.

Those that stand near him for any length of time will notice his skin create tentacles from time to time, curious little things that tend to grope and squeeze at nearby women. Each resembles a humanoid cock about an inch and a half thick.

OOC Stuff
He is always dominant; Tentacle play; cum inflation; Breeding; Female and hetero sex; Authentic and interesting RP; Begging him for things; Obtaining a pet

Vore, scat, feet, pedophilia, shemales, and homosexual sex

Tell friendly. If I'm not talking to someone IC I'm probably bored or lonely, so by all means say hello~. I'm always about that ooc consent before anything crazy happens.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human