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The Bitch is Back! (Original Portrait updated)

Title: Queen of Graknok Holde
Name: Bae'tor
Race: Orc
Age: 47 in Huuman years
Gender: Full Hermaphrodite
Orientation: Bae'tor fucks everything.
Personality: Evil, Self-serving, manipulative,fickle, abrupt, driven. She is a cast-iron BITCH. (her player is not!)

Returning to Sinifer after much travelling and causing turmoil, Bae'tor still has a bad attitude towards anyone not of Orcish heritage. (It doesn't mean she won't interact or debauch a non-orc. It just means she will treat the non-orcs as lesser beings.) She has been known however to make exceptions... She has had pets and slaves in the past that, (over time) earned her favour.  
Although She doesn't spend all of Her time in the Slave trade... She is still in the business. Most of Her attention and efforts are at repopulating Graknok Holde and plotting the downfall of the adversaries of the Orc Nation.

Reds: Sweet bugger all.
Greens: Anything not a red.

Noteworthy (trying to avoid potential OOC conversations) :
- Bae'tor was cursed at birth by Gruumsh and Luthic. Part of Her curse are Her perpetually full mams. If She can get someone to willingly or unwillingly drink the milk from one of Her tits, they run the risk of becoming addicted to Bae'tors milk (much like a drug addiction).. The longer that person goes without.. the more severe the craving. She has been known to torment slaves, by with holding Her milk.  (OOC: No this is not automatic.. if you do not want your character addicted. They won't be.)

- Bae'tor has two driving motivations brought on by this curse.
    1. To breed as many suitable creatures as possible to strengthen and create a Master race of Orcs, and Half-Orcs. If your character has female parts that can "procreate", She will attempt to breed your female, enslave that female, etc..  (even if it's a one off. no this isn't godmodding.. just ERP.. If you aren't interested beyond a "one off" that's fine.. Think of it like pillow talk of someone you intend to ghost after a drunken one night stand.. )Should you wish to have it as longer term.. Feel free to either develop that character or make a new one that is a grown offspring.
2. The creation an army of Orcs, half-orcs, goblins and allied creatures for possible future events... and the eventual conquest of all of Sinfar.  ;)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf