Elirien Sin´tir´lien

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A young, innocent looking nymph with wide eyes and small lips. Her voice is somehow high, almost childish. She can be usually seen near the water - rivers, lakes, even fountains and doesn´t like being away from it for a long time. She looks friendly and doesn´t mind company.

Although she´s a nymph, men don´t seem to act strange around her - and if you are a man, you see a nice, pretty girl in front of you, not a beauty of unspeakable charms. She is charismatic, but in a very "human" way... but sometimes, when she´s upset or scared, her true powers come to play. She doesn´t use them on purpose though and usually stops as soon as she notices she has lost control.


Red: sex, romance, etc. with another women characters; and anything the character doesn´t agree with

Yellow: sexual rp in general

Green: IC communication, fun, adventure
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf