Mazoga Boneater

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Race: Orc
Height: 6' 11''
Skin: Green
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Purple and left half of her skull shaved
Mouth: Pouty dark lips
Body: Muscular and toned
Breast: Big, round, firm and with a set of tattoos from the nipple
Butt: Round
Position: Dominant

She was not always the brutal warrior she is now, long ago she was small and weak, something that her "brothers" constantly reminded beating and abusing her. Without knowing her mother, her childhood spent full of blood and hate, turning off the little love and kindness that could have been inside her. Her destiny was doomed, she would be the offering in a bloody rite to reach the favor of the gods, but she survived.

Now, after years of service to the gods, her body has changed but not her mind, thinking only of how to subdue and torment everyone weaker than herself.

Green/Whites: All sexes, domination, rough and feral sex, primal strength, breeding, enslave, watersports, break bodies and minds. . . and everything not included in red/yellow.

Red: Death.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human