Age: 29
Race: Human
Sex: Full Male

Bio: The lean, well muscled dark figure stands over 6 feet tall. He sports raven black hair, finely chiseled aquiline features with a few days worth of beard. He looks around slowly, green eyes sparkling with a rogue's cunning.  

Came to Sinfar running away from his dark past, the atheltic and charismatic dark skinned man is no slouch to surviving in the harsh realities of the street. A consumate professional, Jubair is quick with his mind as well as his fists.

Trained in the arts of war and subterfuge, he relies on his street skills and his warrior cunning as much as his bladework. A rogue and fighter and a womaniser he had built up a reputation as someone not to be trifled with. A bit rough around the edges due to a very harsh childhood, he walks like a panther, purposeful and confident. He is shrewd and intelligent and likes to choose his friends and enemies carefully.

His body is criss crossed in scars. If observed closely there is a tiny tatoo on the base of his neck which upon very close inspection seems to be a branding of a barcode.

Often wearing minimal armor, the dark man likes to move about. He radiates danger especially when he takes the long rune covered ancient looking blade from his back to his hands. His green eyes sparkle with a warriors cunning and his movements with the blade are precise and surgical.

Reds: Everything against Server Rules, Males, Herms. Character strictly heteresexual

Whites: Confident Women, Using his Mutated black Cock, CumPlay, Dirty Talk, Voyeurism, Clothed Sex, Sex Games, Mixing pleasure with business, Anal, Titty Fucking and conning women into sex. Getting head whilst been extorted.

Greens: Women that have some sass and like to tease and can banter. Jubair likes women that play games as he likes to play them too. A woman that has sass and is a biatch will turn him on. Mostly everything else though prefer good RP and build up of character interactions not just ERP.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human