Ana Noir

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A human woman of dark raven hair, reddish-amber eyes and a lean but curvy build, she carries herself proudly as though born of noble birth, and a skeptical look on her fair face.  Her clothes typically combine elegance and protection with a hint of sex appeal, as most female leather-wearers do.  She is quick to inwardly distrust, with a sharp snarky tongue that only loosens once she has grown comfortable.

Important Items: Gold wedding band on her right ring finger and a family signet ring on her left.  She wears a bracelet on her left wrist of a black cord and a bright silver-blue circular stone charm that dangles from it, just long enough to reach the palm of her hand.  It occasionally glows with a soft blue hue.  In her hair, when she wears it up in a braided bun, she sometimes adorns it with a ruby rose hair pin.

She speaks Common with a very light but detectable French accent.

Greens - Adventure/Tavern RP, Music and the arts

Yellows - PvP, most ERP in general

Reds - Lack of story build-up; if you want to seduce her, fight against her, or fight WITH her, there should be some RP beforehand that easily leads to that.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human