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Years spent in Sinfar on and off have left their mark, having gained plenty of knowledge from many and diverse worlds. The shape of her body fluid now, a result of shapeshifting mastery and refinement of countless morphs - yet she does often find herself returning to her original elven form: a bit heavier, fuller after spending life in luxury. What were once a pair of nubile breasts are now ample, kneadable orbs with lusicious nipples, and the pronounced curves of her sides no longer grace the bearing of her traveller's garb, so she dresses herself in far more flashier outfits, displaying her assets with a casual air and without much care for any potential attacker, for even her small elven shape is a force to be reckoned with, toned and enchanted by numerous magics and bio-mechanical implants. The one thing unchanged would be her eyes - irises aglow light or dark, coloured by her moods, gazing with the same analytical curiousity that had always driven her, sometimes teasing and flirtatious, other times snarky and biting, usually calm and cold. The perfumed scents that exude from her having since widened their range along with her numerous bodies, yet maintaining the ligthness of discretion save for the more intimate moments.

All in all, clearly recognizable to old acquaintances, yet different as well.
Player:Spiraling Stars
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf