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~~ O V E R V I E W ~~
{Race} ~ Planetouched
{Age} ~ Young Adult
{Gender} ~ Female (Shemale, if desired)
{Height} ~ 5'6" (~1,67 Meters)
{Weight} ~ 132lbs. (~60 Kilogram)
{Build} ~ Curvy & Squeezable

{Hair} ~ Raven black, often tied back in a braided ponytail
{Horns} ~ Black curved horns, highlighted by various accessories
{Eyes} ~ Almond-shaped ruby red eyes, that glow faintly when the light is dim
{Tail} ~ Long and dark, emerging from just above her bubbly ass

~~ D E S C R I P T I O N ~~
Vaijza was born a corrupt and wicked girl, being a self-indulgent yet a beautiful creature of the lower planes. From her forehead long horns did sprout, adorned with rings and capped off with golden cones to hide their sharp points. The signs of her demonic heritage curved backward over her raven black hair. The shadowy strands are often tied up in a messy ponytail.

Long delicate ears betray her original nature, the sensitive tips twitching ever so faintly when she catches unfamiliar sounds. Like her horns, the ears are decorated with more glittering golden rings, supporting a love for accessories. A final hoop through her nose might also catch the eye, resting above her plush and dark tinted lips.

She enjoys to show off her set of pillowy breasts, squeezed into tiny corsets, leaving them threatening to spill out at a moments notice, and easily mesmerizing any who look on them as they jiggle with her movements. Large, puffy nipples would also strain against the fabric, cut so low that one could make out the pink of her areolae, proving a teasing show for anyone willing to outright stare at her chest.

Like above, her lower half was no more modest, favoring red and black colored pants or skirts, covering smooth skin and giving the occasional tease of her ass and tight outfits trying to cover her backside. She seemed to take great pleasure in teasing those around her, with a black tinted tail only served to show her excitement of doing so, swaying back and forth.

But the true splendor of the body was exposed when those clothes came off. Soft curves ran from chest over wide hips down to her bubbly heart shaped ass which longed to be spanked, and the tightness of her smooth star explored. Around the front of her shapely frame one would find a soft mound spilling into swollen netherlips and hiding her pleasing cave inbetween. Juicy pussy cream promised a messy adventure, while pooling at her lucious slit and leaving in thick trickles to meet her butthole.

I am tell friendly, everyone is welcome!
The kinkier, the better!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human