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Green lights :
Silly roleplay, erotic roleplay (that may or may not involve lots of complicated schemes to bring a knight-type or a princess-type to her cave), nothing serious here ! Failing to seduce or being ICly kink-shamed can be loads of fun. When in doubt, just ask !

Yellow lights (by default, consider it a "no") :
Serious roleplay (politics, judiciary or general seriousness), non-consensual stuff.

Red Lights (No. Just no) :
Scat and watersports, bloodplay, heavy torture (mutilations or worse), godmodding and anything against the server rules.

Name : Caernathexminatri
Alias : Carmina (shorten further at your own risks !)
Titles : The Red Terror (self-proclaimed), That Depraved Red (from other dragons)

Carmina has two shapes she likes to use, plus her true dragon form.
Half-draconic Form (Dragonkin) :
Under this shape, she appears as a rather unthreatening sort-of-lizardfolk, wingless, and with black dull claws to her hands and feet. Her face is extremely expressive , allowing her to show off a wide range of emotions despite her alien features.  Her voice is soft, yet slightly raspy, but undoubtedly feminine to compensate for the lack of apparent genitalias. She is almost always unclothed under this shape, adorning only jewelry on her red-scaled slender body.  She also moves with a liquid grace matched only by elves.
Human form (her attempt at stealth) :
While posing as a human, Carmina wears the shape of a rather modest-looking human with pale skin, red hairs, easely forgettable brown eyes and much more noticeable bright white smile she never part from for too long. She is rather short, but not unusually short for a human. Her voice is quite intruiging, hands down the most interesting thing about her as a human, as it sounds soft, young and almost as if she was singing every word she spoke.
True Form (young adult red dragon) : Under her actual true form, Caernathexminatri looks undoubtebly young for a dragon. Clearly, she reached adulthood recently : Her body is slender and more serpentine-looking than older dragons, with much less fat and muscle mass than her kin usually shows. Despite being slightly shorter and thinner than most adult dragons, she still has the deep and booming voice that impress other races so much.

Caernathexminatri has quite the terrible reputation among dragon-kin for being a notorious human-lover. With an unhealthy attraction for those born into royalty, and shining armors.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human