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Updated: 5/12/2019

Name: Durrak
Race: Minotaur
Affiliation: Syrene Amazons

Durrak is a young minotaur that arrived arrived in Sinfar
with little understanding of the world beyond the small view point he had. When the large brute first arrived he wandered the streets with a reersved curiosity. To his surprised not only had he not been attacked when boarding the boat to Sinfar but odder still to the large beast was the acceptance he encountered stepping onto the docks for the first time. In his short time in the city he has made a few friends, namely those among the Amazons.

The cobbled together armor had been discarded in favor of a new breastplate he hardly ever takes off. Now strapped to his b
ack he often carries several large axes. Each axe ranging in age and size but the meticulous care he gives to each shows a level of care unfitting for a minotaur. Around Durrak's waist a red scarf and loin cloth hold the massive bulls genitals in place, tightly bound and leaving little to the imagination of his size.  

Although his strength is that of legend he is not the brightest of creatures. The obvious indicator was his broken speech and often misunderstanding of the "common" tongue. Though he continues to learn new words and new things the large bull was still very young, inexperienced, or simply stupid.

Recent changes however have caused the once diminutive, by minotaur standards, beast-man to sprout a few feet. Additionally the shag of his hair along his body and the back of his head has grown in denser as well as two additional horns that have grown out along his jaw. The odd changes did not stop there as his gray skin and fur now glow with tribal runes and markings that  cover his arms and legs. During the day the runes along his body appear as lightly colored or tattooed parts of his body. However under the right circumstances in the moonlight or in complete darkness the twisting shapes along his flesh and his eyes glow with an otherworldly hue.

If viewed from afar the large
beast man can be see twisting his face in thought or anger at something bothering the large bull. In close quarters when he is seen up close or he knows he is being watched he appears to hide whatever is bothering him but its there, at the edge of his mouth, the twitch of an eye, the momentary wild glare, and the random tightening of his fist. Something has changed in the bull and he seems to be fighting it back as he lumbers through the streets and woods of Sinfar.

Old Updates:
(January 2019)
Those that know Durrak would immediately notice the drastic change in his appearance. The young minotaur's size had been altered giving him a larger and more imposing physique. The other noticeable change was several glowing rune-like tattoos that appear to pulse with some form of arcane energy. Along with the drastic changes his left arm appeared to have regrown no longer hiding the stump under the magical gauntlet. Though shaggier and larger the brute seemed to maintain his personality and intelligence but what caused the change? You'll have to find out.  
(Oct' 2018)
During his stay on the island Durrak has acquired a few new scars that mark his massive form. However the largest wound that is often concealed is his missing left forearm and hand. When undressed or the magical gauntlet is not in place, it was easy to see that his arm was missing starting at a few inches past his left elbow. When he doesn't think anyone is looking he will often remove the gauntlet to scratch at the stump and the itch of an arm that is no longer there.

I'm going to keep this open and as things shape him, what he will find acceptable will change. The obvious reds are those listed in the server rules. If you're unsure what those are, I suggest you re-read the server's rules.

"The Hate Inside"

"When the Sun Goes Down"
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc