Lilith Angelf

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Age: Was 20
Sex: Female Normally
Race: Catling/Vampire
Skin: Thin layer of  fur across all her body
Hair: White-ish
Eyes: Crimson Red
Alignment Detection: LE
Chest: Small
Family: Angelf
Profession: Shadow Martial Artist
Personality:  *RP*
Mother/Maker: Dina

Feeding and Sex

Under normal circumstances she won't feel much other than a warm touch and the fact that she's been touch. In order to function properly she required the blood of her partner whose desire or lust would fuel her own body. External pheromones have no effect on her, however it was recently discovered that if she drinks blood that carries pheromones she will be affected, but perhaps not like the partner would want.

Size Changes

Much like her mother, she has learned the ability to manipulate her own Flesh, Bones and Blood in order to restructure her body inside an out. However due to her original body size, some mass has to be compensated depending on the size she decides to take. She can change specific parts of her body like her sexual organs.

Day Walking

For the moment she depends on her mother's blood to keep it.


Character Sub race is Undead, heal spells won't work with the exception of Greater Restoration and Harm. Bandages work on anything.


White: Females, Vanilla +++, Lactation, Romance, Cuddles

Red: Males in ERP
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf