Cora Tyraila

OOC: If you are the type to disappear without a word or just log out because someone saw your video game porn, don't fucking bother getting into ERP with this character. If you fapped and decide to log out too without follow up, do not waste my time. I understand if life comes up, but take 5 seconds and just say so in a tell, a little courtesy goes a long way.

~OOC Stats~
Age: Late 20's
Name: Cora Tyraila
Genitals: 7" Cock (erect)
Breast size: DD  
Height: 6'
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Green
Weight: 130
Physique: Fit, thick, athletic
Sexual Disposition: Submissive, Switch

Yellow: Slave / Master / Mistress play (must be dedicated to it for me to want to go there.)  

RED: Bestiality / beastial genitals(Can be a green.. if I like you enough). scat, piss, Non-consented ERP. Vore, Gore, Violence in ERP, abuse, Touching without Permission or knowing her IC - Seriously fuck off with that. Men in ERP.

General Appearance at a glance...

Cora is a tall thick atheltic bodied woman. Her overal stature is ample and symmetrical and her body fills out her clothing well enough to leave plenty to the imagination. There is a subtle hint or perhaps remnant of her masculinity, suggesting that her transformation is at the end of its process. Her shoulders are broad and retain some of their muscular structure from her former life, and her sharp jawline holds a certain mascule edge, but it accentuates her pouty lips and puffy cheeks quite well, considering.  

Yes.. Cora is a transgendered individual and identifies as a woman and if your perverted appraisal of her body should wander betwixt her thick thighs, a buldge of sorts can be made out on days she has not gone out of her way to tuck everything away neatly.  This will depend on her clothing which should typically reflect her efforts to tuck or not.
OOC: Very Tell Friendly, ERP FRIENDLY within lights, Love good thought out roleplay, adventure, deep conversations, music, silly shenanigans, goofy accidents with attire, good build up to ERP, thoughtful foreplay and unique kinks and expressions of them.  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human