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This tall figure does his best to draw attention away from himself, but the faint click of his clawed feet on the ground and a strong presence tends to draw the eye on him wherever he goes. He wraps himself up in foreign-looking clothes. A powerful voice carrying a low, metallic flanging likewise carries a stilted accent, suggesting Common is not an overly familiar language.

His face sports a draconic muzzle, covered in bright silver scales that run down his neck and the rest of his body, along with two horns that arc back from his temples. In place of hair are more of the silvery plates of scales, running back along his skull. A large frill spreads upwards from the top of his head, usually kept at half-mast when he is not on alert or excited. His eyes are bright green, and reptilian in feature - and are likewise quite expressive of the half-breed's emotions.

The frill on his head swiftly goes down his neck and presumably, his spine. Matching frills trace along his ears and jowls, often twitching and raising or lower as he changes the intonation of his voice. A tail covered in the same scales pokes out from the back of his spine, near-constantly twitching at every small stimulus. He is powerfully built, with a narrow waist and a marching gait on scaled, digitigrade legs.

Two massive wings spread proudly from his back, though they're usually kept in a folded position close to his body. Two talons crown the top of each wing, acting quite typically as fingers. Sartorix seems comfortable in his unusual form, walking with renewed grace and confidence. He can even manage an almost-human smile, though they tend to be a bit... Teethy.

Those knowledgeable on the topic would identify him as a fully grown half-dragon of Silver heritage.

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Player:Theorem Of Neutrality
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human