A typical sassy succubus. Zil thinks she's all that and a bag a' chips.

Zil thinks she's going to become a powerful demon someday, but she's really not too bright. She's more interested in sex than anything.

She has a habit of wearing the sluttiest things she can find, blushing whenever her curvy exposed body is seen by others.

Gender - Female
Bits - Female
Height - 4'10"
Figure - Curvy and busty
Skin - Caramel
Hair - Fiery red
Eyes - Demonic
Sexuality - Dick-sexual (She likes dicks, even if they're on women)


RED (Nope never) - [Child-like characters], [scat/pee], [gore]

YELLOW (No thanks) - [Submissive characters], [Sleazy rude characters]

GREEN (Cool) - [Dominant characters], [softcore torture], [humiliation], [enslavement], [non-con/dub-con], [most everything else that's not red], [Fantasy or Sci-fi]

WHITE (Yes please! Zil might try to deny it but she loves being shown her place.) - [tail abuse], [dark themes], [getting turned into something humiliating], [being captured/kidnapped], [slave breaking], [being transformed], [being shown a lesson for being such a weak and pathetic demon], [being de-corrupted by a paladin-type character], [getting modified in embarrassing ways she can't hide], [having her body ruined by weird or erotic transformations], [mind-control], [personality-warping/identity death], [changing her gender], [having her demonic powers stolen], [getting de-winged], [anything permanent], [cum inflation], [magical growth], [having her beautiful succubus body she's so proud of transformed beyond all recognition], [temporary or permanent inanimate transformation (bad ending)], (All these things are super favourites. Especially if done against her will)

Tell Friendly :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human