Razekial Blake

Name: Razekial "Raz" Blake
Race: Tiefling
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Open to all genders and races.
Height: 6"1
Build: Lean/strong
Hair: Long and black
Eyes: Changes between red and yellow

A handsome chap, certainly one that knows it about himself as well, Razekial is the sort that always dressed in clean, smart clothing and made sure there wasn't a hair out of place. From his confident swagger, carried with a strong, swimmers physique, 'Raz' always acted like he didn't have a worry in the world and that life was there simply to be enjoyed.

Although never one to speak openly about it, he didn't go to great lengths in hiding the fact that he often worked as an escort. A classy sort, so they say, his services were often used in accompanying people to balls and other functions where it made for good appearances to have a handsome fellow such as 'Raz' wrapped around an arm. Fewer still spoke about what 'Raz' offered once these functions were over, but none have ever complained about his services and many have sought them out on numerous occasions.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human