Upon initial examination you see an elven fellow of fair and pale skin, wearing a heavy sun-motif styled mask that conceals his eyes and draped in thick, uncannily light robes that are soft as silk. His outfit is layered and made for sweeping movements with the bow he usually has either in a holster upon his back or down at his side. The only other things he carries upon himself is a holy symbol signifying a coin, one side bearing a blazing sun while the inverse holds the image of a cold and icy white moon.

The body under those robes could almost easily be seen as effeminate from behind, and even moreso when the elf wears his concealing layers of robes. His backside a bit on the 'thicc' side, with thighs that support this appearance with an uncanny level of a feminine quality. Not to mention the boyishly handsome and youthful face that would pass for a young woman if he dared to dash on some lip gloss and blush makeup. But that's enough for his androgynous appearance!

His voice carries a light stammer in times of tension, though he manages to power through it without letting it hinder him. It's an easy way to tell when something has bothered him or possibly struck his rather timid sensibilities. He has a modest and somewhat prudish outlook on things if not made obvious by the way he's snugly layered in his clerical robes, then it's obvious in how he keeps his ideas of intimacy and lewd thoughts to himself or softly spoken to closer friends.

Oh, it's rather obvious that he's blind, though through rigorous training it is more than obvious he is not too hindered by this. There is an odd, comfortingly bluish glow that seeps out from the interlocking plates of his clerical mask, and ebbs from behind it. No doubt this originates from his eyes.

Oh, and he is completely a virgin in all the ways that matter! Or at least acts like one. Most likely doesn't think about sex as a primary goal when interacting with someone.

Also, he can hear all of your sneaky people. Better get some not-squeaky shoes!


Healer for 'raid' groups or whatever they are called. Gladly proficient at keeping a ton of heals and resurrections at hand, as well as flexible for any area.

Reds: People who log off without a word during intimate moments. Typical stuff. Have some common sense.

Greens: While it's a long shot, I enjoy strong and confident ladies who enjoy 'corrupting' a rather inexperienced lad into lusty pursuits. Be it through overpowering him, tricking him or even pressuring him with constant lures and flirting. Belts of genderbending, gender swap spells. I know, how terribly vanilla of me. All genders, be them dickgirls, futa, herms, men or women. Gender-transformation, gender-bending, that kinda stuff.

Whites: I adore roleplay, be it short term or long term. It's far too rare to go adventuring or build a bit of story between characters. Romance, character development, and cuddly moments. Scare-ousal, scarousal, whatever: being a bit scared/frightened and aroused all at the same time. Femdom. Cuz why not?

Ultraviolet: A long-term plot about chasing that divine spark within his soul. Either cultivating it to speed him towards the path of apotheosis or to corrupt and pervert his powers for more malicious ends. All about self-discovery, whether it leads towards good or ill.

An idea along the lines of Bhaalspawn from Baldur's Gate, or the Godwoken from Divinity: Original Sin 2. This character is only recently aware of the divine spark within himself, and might one day be guided along the path of a divine power. Perhaps even be corrupted or emboldened into chasing true divinity? All depends! Consider chasing these ideas a free and clear course of RP with me.

Last, but not least, this profile is regularly altered after meaningful roleplay sessions, thanks for being awesome.

For those interested in my shameless Dark Souls fan-fiction character, and perhaps some artworks I've shamelessly stolen:

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human