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Callisto, a Troublesome Troubadour

Tall and broad shouldered Callisto had a worldly appreciation for the attention his size garnered. This scrapper's sun-kissed skin holds the engravings of swashbuckling and struggles, insinuating that the old sword he carried wasn't just for show.

His hands were large and roughened to the point wood would hiss under his brush, let alone strings to a lute. His voice carried far and resonated in one's chest, giving a warmth and expression to his words even when they weren't delivered to music.

With pale blue eyes he searched far and wide, deep into the returned attention of others, ever pressing for a little more; or scouring the landscape for coveted secrets.

A young firebrand bristling with talent he wasn't content to toil away on fields or in schools; no this man's boldness drew him ever closer to awaiting adventures dangerous or not.


Green: Flawed characters, conflict, women, power struggles, conversation, and continuity. Humanoids, oral, anal, vaginal, rough or gentle dependent on scene. Attention to detail, lips, eyes, hands and where they move. Stories both lofty and magical or gritty and mundane,  lore, history, romance, toxic relations,  smoldering lust and raging hatred; emotion. Foils.

Yellow: One-of scenes.

Red: Males in ERP, child-like characters, scat.

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Player:Base Jump Titan
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human