Erika Blackeagle

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Race: Human
Name: Erika Blackeagle
Sex: Female
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Sexual Orientation: curious
Skin: Pale
Erika inherited from her noble family only the title.
She is a baroness without land or fortune, who has retained the behavior and haughty look that can sometimes be very unpleasant.
With her good education and some skills, she became an excellent gifted mercenary in command.
After a few years, she was in charge of of a group with the titel of Captain.
But, her last expedition turned into a nightmare. No member of her group was killed, but it was thanks to luck and not to her command skills.

After this last episode, she left the group, on the edge of the depression and in full identity crisis.

Arriving in Mur, she becomes friends with a host family. After two years of loyal service, she realizes there is no place for her and she decides to leave this family.

By recovering Elisabeth, the daughter of the son of their former overlord, she restored the family's honor. The Duke, in testimony of his gratitude, restored the barony to the Black Eagle's family and gave them back their title of nobility.
To celebrate, she returns to the lands of the Sinfar archipelago.

This is how you have the luck or the bad luck to cross her on your way.

English is not my mother tongue, please excuse me in advance for my mistakes : I try to limit them.
French is my mother tongue and you can communicate with me also in Dutch.
any question ? dont hesitate, player is very friendly and open ;)
Red: everything that goes against server rules-
A marriage proposal.
metagaming-powergaming-gore-vomit-scato-toilet play-surrealist RP-destroying the clothes of my char-wearing kimono-extreme torture.
nude since the begining of the ERP
More than 6 for XP-hunting.
Sex and only Sex

Yellow :Being Dom - Torture- tea rooms.
in ERP : nude, waterplay, heavy torture, huge character.Man alone.
between 5 and 6 for XP/Hunting.

Green : Bondage,
lovely clothes and Fetishism about clothes, lingerie, silk, lace, satin, high heels, silk stockings, panty hose, garter...and that kind of stuff.
Women, Shemales, succubus, beasts, slaver. clothes sex. Enslaving my char against her will, pet use, capture, bondage. Collar, leash, gag, strangulation, being molested by other characters.

XP/Hunting : but only with 4 char max.

FAVORITE : Long, immersive and evolutive RP.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human