Railinela Wayne

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*Completely Redone 12/30/2017

Age: 2,415 (Looks to be around 40)

Sex: Female

Race: Titty-Monster

Occupation: Reclusive Witch

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 174 lbs

Bust: 42II

Skin: White

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

~Physical Description~

Ever the enigma, Railinela was if nothing else an overly complex puzzle that had been packaged in an eccentric and somewhat convoluted woman. Standing out almost immediately to everyone at just a glance was likely what sat atop her head: An overly large hat, with a ridiculously wide brim and a very tall and conical crown that often times bent backwards under it's own weight. Large and black in color it was very telling of the woman's magical nature. She was a Witch, a fact made abundantly clear if one managed to get close enough; with her bright red eyes and unnatural hair color of bright silver, anyone attuned to such things could easily feel the aura of magic that almost always permeated the air around her.

To get a good look at the woman one would have to get in close, and perhaps crouch down enough to look under her signature hat. There one could finally look upon her face, a motherly and middle aged woman; the years seemed infinitely kind to her as she seemed to have aged in all of the right places. Her cheeks were rounded out nicely, with a dark little mole nestled neatly just to the right of her mouth. Whilst her lips were both sizable and plush, seeming to beg for the tender touch of another; contrasting rather starkly with her crimson eyes that were often half shut as if she was in a state of constant boredom, or as if she had just awoken from a long and rough nap. However... There was certainly something very intense hidden behind her lazy expression, her eyes showing a keen awareness for the environment around her.

Traveling downwards one wouldn't have to wonder too much as to her figure, as she was often dressed in a provocative manner. Her body was such that it either required her to show it off to some degree or the Witch seemed to enjoy doing so as most of her outfits could hardly be called modest. What stood out almost immediately was her chest, with her bust being staggeringly large with it being on display in some form or fashion. Typical outfits she wore would only cover the center of her breasts, leaving the valley of cleavage in the center proudly on display alongside the sides of her breasts which often strained against her garments and spilled out along the side. Or she would wear something skin-tight, which would certainly cover up her massive breasts but in such a way that one could easily make out the outlines of each orb, even managing to see the contours of her nipples. Regardless of her garments almost every move she made would illicit a rather obscene bounce from her obscene bust.

Similarly the rest of her body was given the same treatment, she seemed to prefer skirts to dresses and almost never wore pants. Often time a slight breeze was more than enough for someone to catch a glimpse at what was beneath, thankfully though Railinela seemed to be quite alright with panties and was almost always wearing a pair of silken black undergarments. However this did little to downplay the size of her bottom, and even whilst covered one might still get the urge to reach out and squeeze along the cheeks of her ass. It seemed to coincide perfectly with her hips, which were wide and child-bearing as one might expect from a mature woman like Railinela. She was not a muscular woman, not in the slightest as when looking down along her stomach one would actually find a small bit of fat, just enough to get a little pinch in if they so desired.

Her legs were long and luscious, gifting her with the impressive height in which she stood whilst also holding the only real strength her body seemed to have. Her thighs were quite thick and looked to be very powerful, enough to give anyone pause at the idea of being kicked by her, even if she was obviously inclined towards less direct means of attack... Whilst also giving rise to amorous thoughts in others at what being trapped between her thighs might feel like. She was quite the looker and Railinela wasn't ignorant to this fact as she obviously played her assets up with her manner of dress. Stranger yet was that she hadn't lost her sense of modest completely, and even she seemed to detest the idea of being completely naked in public or showing off her breasts completely. However that didn't seem to stop the odd wardrobe malfunction from happening, much to the delight of others.

Typically only when she was alone did she ever care to completely disrobe, then one could enjoy the sight of her figure without all the unnecessary fluff that was her eccentric style of dress. With her bust now bare the sheer size was enough to cause a bout of appreciation from most, with a slight sag to them, both globes were topped with a delightful pink and healthy looking nipple that would at times be found oozing with a peculiar white substance. Even Railinela herself finding it difficult to get one hand around one of her breasts. Whilst between her thighs one could find her most intimate of places, seemingly devoid of hair, one would find her pink and sensitive petals, pristine in appearance and promising an exuberant experience to any whom would enter such fertile ground. Nestled just above that was her sensitive little clit, holding an obsidian stud piercing along side it providing the woman with additional stimulation should see desire it. Opposite of that, hidden away between the cheeks of her bottom was another, far tighter and less experienced opening that looked to be oft neglected and quite unspoiled.

As enticing as it might be to stare, one might find themselves reminded that such a woman often made use of Black-Magic, and if they were becoming entranced due to her magic! Or maybe the Witch just had a really nice body.

~More Information and Lights~

Greens: Detailed and descriptive role-play, Long-Term interaction, Exotic and Supernatural Races, People that can hold a conversation, Breeding, Breast-Play, Drugs/Potions, Dirty-Talking Elaborate Outfits and Costumes, Lactation, Medical/Experimentation Play, Oral Sex,  Prostitution, Story-Driven Role-Play, Role-Reversal, Making friends, Using Magic During Intercourse and a myriad of other things.

Yellows: Anthropomorphic characters, Corruption, Heavy Bondage Themes, Instant Hook-ups, Slavery, Violence in ERP. Heavy accents based around misspelling words (I can do this in moderation, but the heavier it is, the slower it will make me so please be patient)

Reds: Asking for ERP through tells (Seriously put in the effort of getting to know the character first, Christ) Death, Necrophilia, Nipple Penetration, Role-Play in the 1st and 2nd person, Scat, Urethra Play, Vore, Watersports, and of course those whom vanish without a trace, it's a very good way to ensure i cease interacting with you, along with males that cannot help but blush when they're around women.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human