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Name: Eikata; Chiyome
Race: Human; Kozakuran
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs
Build: Svelte
Eye Colour: Ochre


Physical Description:

Black, wavy fibres frame their soft, oval face, neatly braided on one side and swept back in a ponytail that reaches their upper back in length. When speaking, it becomes clear that Common is not their native tongue, considering the heavy accent and the careful, deliberate way in which they try to enunciate. Their voice tends towards sounding very soft and lilting.

Typically they would be found wearing a dark blue and black fox-shaped mask covering their face. If found without it, however, then their soft oriental features would become clear; most noticeably in the shape of their cheeks and eyes. Their lips seem to be naturally soft and full, even somewhat pouty.

Favouring looser fitting, more conservative clothing, their slim figure would still be noticeable, suggesting a rather poor or frugal upbringing. Their scent could vary wildly from sweat, to flowers to sweet smelling perfume, depending on the situation. What sections of skin were visible were clearly a light olive tone in colour.



Initially they would conduct them-self in a reserved, respectful and very formal manner; at least when interacting with newer individuals. Around more familiar faces, however, they can be a lot more playful. Drawing attention to their accent more-often-than-not causes them some degree of distress, usually resulting in them becoming rather flustered.



Generally approachable and open-minded.
Player:A Shamefur Dispray
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human