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"Where then do they come from, these iron savages who frighten other Orcs into awestruck obedience, these Black Orcs? That is a grim tale best suited for long winter nights, but I will impart the substance of it. Long ago, the fell dark kindred of the Dwarfs needed a steady source of reliable troops. The Greenskin races that they had to deal with at the time they deemed less than adequate, so using their sorcery and a carefully applied breeding program, they set about creating a new strain of Orc. They sought to make them stronger, hardier and more intelligent that they could better carry out the will of the dark Dwarfs. They succeeded far beyond their expectations and desires."
Waldemarr, Scholar

The Black Orcs are amongst the biggest, meanest, strongest, and most brutal of all the Greenskin races. Named after their darker shade of green, their thick black-colored armor and their horrendously foul odor, the Black Orcs consider themselves the ultimate Greenskin warrior. These beasts are grim and singularly-focused on war, an occupation that they take far more seriously than even others of their own kind. Equipped with some of the best weapons and armor in the tribe, these fierce fighters provide their race with a much more reliable source of elite, powerful fighters.

Gorbad bellonging quickly rose in his tribe becomming the strongest orc out of all of them. Now this being a rather small tribe this wasnt too hard a task but either way Gorbad rose to be it's big, mean and green warchief. Now he travels to Sinfar, looking to expand his tribe and collect possible mates for lots of strong and mean offsprings.

//I will prever good RP over anything else, both me and Gorbad have things we like and dislike but most of all we will go with the story even if it's not something he's happy about

Nothing is too wild in ERP for me, if you think anything might be risky feel free to tell me but the perv inside me will probably be eager to go with whatever.

Just for fun:
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc