Princess Yumi

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The Cutesune aka Jane aka Janice aka Foxy

Height: 5'2"
Age: Late teens/Early twenties
Physique: Petite and reasonably busty
Visual Race: Cutesune or Kitsune of the Cute variety
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Open Relationship
Hair Color: Very Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Red

Family: Unknown
- Ichigatsu Angelf d'Eath (Father) and
- Morrigna (Mother)
- Reri Angelf d'Eath (Step-mother)
Siblings: Teimei the Terrifying

Current Notable Things:

- None

General Appearance:

Jane/Janice/Foxy or whatever her name is because she seems happy enough to respond to most things and refuses to give out her actual name - almost always has a bright and cheery disposition. She has the demeanor of someone who is happy to meet new people and is easy to approach - in fact while you're eyeing her up and down, she's probably doing the same in return and about to say hello. She can often be found flirting with men or women with seemingly no preference.

Physically she is quite pretty with a petite body and a respectable bust and she seems well aware of her physical appearance and takes full advantage of it when she can. She has black hair, black fur and bright - occasionally faintly glowing red eyes. Her complexion is on the pale side but with a healthy glow to it. She has no noticeable blemishes, birthmarks or tattoos on her body. On top of her head are a pair of cute of fox-like ears and poking out behind her is the unmistakable fox tail which looks like the softest thing in the world - don't pet it without asking first though; she might take offense. The tail is usually swaying happily behind her or wagging energetically depending on her excitement at the moment; occasionally you might notice the single tail surrounded by mist-like shadows resembling tails but it would be hard to tell how many in total or if it was anything other than a trick of the light.

If someone bothers to look her other with more than just lustful thoughts they might notice a strong resemblance to certain other foxes known to reside in the Isles.

Green Lights
Men, Women, Flirting, Romance, Character Development, Story lines, Pregnancy Risk, Impregnation, Submissive (Receiving), Vanilla, Light Bondage
Yellow Lights
Walk up ERP, Pre-planned things
Red Lights
Drow Princesses
Unlucky numbers (like Number Thirteen, or 4)
Excessive Violence, The usual suspects (scat, etc)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human