A tall sellsword, from a land of spice and silk.

Broad-shouldered, dark, and with his thick hair pulled back in a bun, or ponytail, or a series of braids. Several piercings dot his face - some on his ears, one stud at his nose, one beneath his lip. They're all of different colour and metal - perhaps different trophies from different battles.

His voice is a rich, deep timber, with a hint of an accent from a far off land. He has a habit of always looking out at the sea, or water, wherever he goes. His tone in conversation meanders aimlessly from innocent curiousity to scowled severity.

His scarred, strong hands are folded behind his back because he never carries a sword, or any weapon, beyond a skinning knife.

favourites: being approached.

greens: women, curves, conversation, fun/interesting contexts for sex, teasing, romance, dominance, submission, exhibitionism, stockings, heels, thongs, dress-up.

reds: disappearances without a word, men (beyond brotherhood), and one-sentence responses.
Player:raffaello's thirteen
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human