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Aspect Title (Personality Trait) [Phase]

Oni Aspect
The Executioner (Aggressive) [1]
The least tolerant of evil or corruption in any form, the executioner aspect could also be called the "Fiend-Hunter" or "Demonslayer". In a state of total conflict with the compassion aspect, which it often seizes control from when it sees a 'threat', this aspect pursues and prosecutes any who commit or support acts of a malicious or selfish nature. It is believed to be the origin of the "Vengeful Spirit" aspect.

The Judge (Analytical) [1]
Cold and calculating, eliminating personal emotion from the options at all (though still retaining them in it's opinions, if asked about that. With this aspect it is important to make the distinct the difference between "What must be done" and "What it wants to be done"), this aspect advocates what is the most effective, logical and lastly moral course of action at all times. It is not opposed to committing lesser evils for a greater good, seeing them merely as "unpleasant but necessary". It is this aspect which forces Koro's honesty, even when not dominant as it retains the logical course of "Any deception that is uncovered later will work against us. Better to be forthright about it to the best of our knowledge, even if the truth is an unpleasant one.".

The Gatekeeper (Passive) [1]
Caring little for anything outside it's own duties, this aspect is largely unseen, but may have had a hand in influencing the creation of the Elder aspect, along with the Judge and Guardian. Information is limited as it does not take action on this plane, restricting it's own actions to Jigoku.

Kami Aspect
The Caretaker (Compassionate) [1]
Believed to be the origin of the "Lover" aspect, this one is highly empathic and sympathetic, desiring to help and aid others more than any other aspect. With access to the full suite of Kami powers, it used to be quite a common active aspect, though due to it's passive nature it quickly becomes overwhelmed when an other aspect is triggered.

The Muse (Crafty) [1]
Playful and quick witted, this aspect loves games of all kinds, so long as they aren't malicious. It is believed that this aspect was the one to originally come up with the idea of "The Pact", which unifies the Guardian and Gatekeeper aspects as well as the Muse and Judge aspects, though the Caretaker and Executioner remain in a state of conflict with each other.

The Guardian (Protective) [1]
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Acquired Aspect
The Elder (Detached/Scornful) [3]

The Lost/Trapped (Depressive) [2]

The Lover (Zealous) [1]
Created during her first phase. It is extremely rare to see this aspect, as it does not occur naturally and only manifests in the company of those she values or admires deeply.

The Onryo (Vengeful) [2]
This aspect is a lot like The Trapped aspect, but rather than wallowing in sorrow it snarls and snaps at things that have wronged it in the past, or creatures that have made some dire transgression. It does not relent until the issue is removed. This aspect has access to all Oni powers and some offensive Kami powers, including magic that "purges impurity" like restoration.

The Pact (Harmonious/Philosophical) [2]


This young woman is slightly unnerving with blood-red eyes, her demeanor ranging from cold and callus to mocking, murderous or even sometimes a bit playful and teasing. At times, she is even seductive. In short, interacting with her is a bit of a roll of the dice. She's pretty enough, but there is a dark aspect that lingers around her, making it seem like shadows cling to her, the scent of ash always following in her wake. Moreover, her entire style both on and off the battlefield seems like an imitation of other people, as if she has little-to-no sense of self except what she is given by others.
MENTAL: Koroshiko can now feel positive emotions as strongly as the negative ones. Her third "Cycle of Heat" has left a lasting imprint upon her desires and even her body, making it much easier for people to invoke her lust if they know how. As a whole she finds it harder to connect with people, perceiving eventual betrayal in the form of discarding her when she is no longer useful or convenient as an inevitability and in the nature of most creatures. The loss of all her children has left a permanent scar on her psyche, causing her to nearly go mad with grief and rage whenever they come up in conversation.
PHYSICAL: She is often seen wearing a mask of hardened ash, which covers most of her face including her eyes, yet she has no trouble moving about or even fighting without their use. For those who do see her eyes, they can cause different visions and experiences based on her mood and recent actions, as it is like staring into a crimson abyss.
AURA: Swirling around her is an almost physical aura of rage and disdain, like a whirlwind of flames. While other emotions swirl within the area, they're almost drowned out.
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Elemental Control (Fire and Air)
Void Sight (True Sight, Concentration based)
"Fake Body" (Can create Clones)
Empathic (Can sense feelings, with Creature of Chaos and Devour soul, she can feed on the emotions of others without harming them.)
Devour Soul (Can eat souls for an energy boost))
Shape Soul (Can manipulate her own or those of any soul she has eaten.)
Creature of Chaos (Empowered by Emotions)
Soul Fire (Her power manifests as a flame, half holy half natural fire. It does not burn unless she is hostile)
Sin Eater (As an additional sense can smell people by their 'sins', allowing her to track them. She finds many darker sins repulsive, and as a result instinctively hates the one connected to them.)
Spirit Step (Becomes astral [stealthed])

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human