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Race: Tiefling (Mazespawn)
Hair color: Red
Eyes: An unnatural and faintly glowing emerald
Orientation: Pansexual
Preference: Switch

 Sure. She might be a complete and total pervert, but at least she's having fun being one!

Recent changes: Decorating Lora's left shoulder was a healed over but no less noticable bite mark of some kind. The faint scarring left from what seemed to be rather sharp and animalistic teeth stood out from the other love marks left across the tiefling's body, two dark pinpricks followed by a row of smaller but no less sharp bite marks. The same pattern could be seen left across her shoulderblades from behind, each sporting similar evidence of nips and sharp bites. To anyone with knowledge of wild, and domesticated, animals it would clearly be a mark from a oversized house cat.

 Lora's appearance was a clash of innocence and corruption. A nearly ever present and cheery smile contrasted with the hints of fangs hiding behind those plush lips, kind eyes offset by the baleful glow they gave off in low light. Were it not for those features it would be quite easy to assume her a particularly endowed elf thanks to her pointed, impish ears. But when all taken in together the taint in the girl's blood was impossible to miss.

 Her once scrawny frame had developed into one dominated by curves. The ginger's bust was what many would describe as 'motherly' if they were trying to be polite. The fat breasts strained most tops she squeezed into, sporting perverse innie nipples that took a little teasing to emerge from their hiding places.

 Likewise, down beyond her wide hips and soft tummy was an equally heavy ass to invite attention and jiggle with every step. The tail
swishing about behind it had no hope of hiding the tiefling's rear, but it's excitable flicks and swishes could certainly draw eyes. Though perhaps the most curious aspect was the subtle bulge in her lap, just large enough to leave one wondering if she sported a particularly puffy mound or a less feminine endowment all together.

 Her sexual characteristics certainly seemed to attract admirers at very least.
Hickeys were often found covering her neck and the odd bruise or two frequently decorated her thick pants straining thighs. Suggestive markings of past lust that she didn't put the slightest amount of effort into hiding.

 Despite how provocative Lora's appearance was often kept an infectiously cheery and supportive attitude dominated her affect.
The tiefling's bubbling compliments, curious and rambling questions, and genuine nature shone in seeming mockery of the corruption in her bloodline. At least.. When she wasn't giving in and indulging the cravings it riddled her with.


White: Engaging roleplay, Character building, Corruption, Oral fixation (Licking, sucking, kissing), Saliva/Drool, Sloppy blowjobs, Humiliation, Degradation, Sexual Frustration, Premature Ejaculation, Musk, Sweat, Being pampered/pampering, Dirty talk.

Green: Vaginal, Anal, Denial, Prostitution, Forced clotheswearing, Ovipositors, Feet/Hooves, Beasts, Pubic Hair, Ahegao, Exotic Endowments, Incest

Yellow: Noncon.

Red: Snuff, Scat, OOC hookups. Please approach IC if you want a scene.

(These are just guidelines, nothing listed is required and plenty that isn't is okay!)

Full Portrait: https://i.imgur.com/fjmGZf0.png

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human