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If you're looking upon Celah you've probably summoned her, intentionally or not. Hidden away in a piece of jewelry you never expected as more than a bauble, lurking in a fancy lamp you bought once, or maybe she happened to trick some poor fool into letting her walk free! Celah is an Efreeti noble- a proud fire genie who pissed off the wrong Sultan and had herself thrown into the mortal world and written into every summoners little notebook to learn a lesson.

Her face is one of the most striking of her features; sharp and angular with chiseled edges and thin brows. Her long ears pierced through long black hair swept back; large and small rings alike decorating the length of those protruding ears, while other golden jewelry covers the rest of her face and neck as much as the rest of her body. Her eyes are of a deep molten gold seeming to shimmer if stared at for long, while those soft lips are painted a rich purple hue contrasting to the warm red of her skin.

Although she was tall Celah was not powerfully built. She was soft bodied and accustomed to luxury and wealth. She spent a great deal of time shaping her body taking pride in its features and maintaining a graceful and desirous image. Broad shouldered and long armed features accentuate the hourglass torso, burdened at the top by her heavy bosom. It was heavy enough to weigh down the tops that she wears, requiring some significant suppourt to be kept packed away, and yet always seeming to spill out and offer a jiggle from the cleavages presented.

Her hips were wide and plump, curving from her narrow waist and shaping the hourglass silhouette of her visage. Her rear was large and ample, mounds of soft red flesh bulging from her rear with a lewd jiggle to the flesh, but maintaining a firm shape. The flatness of her belly smoothed down to the feminine V of her crotch, where nestled the far from feminine girth of her cock. It left a particularly obscene outline in the provocative clothing she often sported and was tightly outlined, always partially swollen at half mast and threatening to break free from clothing were it to ever grow past that.

Her finger and toenails were painted gold or purple, often changing with the outfits worn, and heels and fishnet were common staples to her outfits accenting the golden jewelry she so favors. Her overall appearance is kept immaculate, always attempting to bear a prideful demonstration even when bound to serve.
*Submitting to females
*Bodily objectification
*Exploited for cock/cum
*Serving or worshipping others
*Smaller dominants - not much smaller than elves, however
*Mischievous tricks and wordplay
*Being used by power-hungry witches, greedy merchants, or selfish adventurers who milk her for her wishes
*Summoning and binding!
*Purposeful breeding

If you have ideas please shoot a tell my way.

Bathroom stuff
Heavy bdsm
Urethral penetration/cock bondage

Celah is an Efreeti noble stuck in the material plane. It is all too easy to have found her, and may even happen by accident. As a genie she is capable of granting wishes and is in fact required to in order to attain her freedom and return home. Prideful and haughty having to relinquish power to a mortal is the worst of punishments, but there is always a cutting consequence when you get something from Efreeti!

To command wishes from this mystical magical being the power must be forcibly taken and milked from her. Power comes at a price, and this price is having to be filled with her hot, potent, and oh so magical semen. A cruel trick of spiteful revenge those who sought to milk the unlimited power of a wish must take the consequence of her powerful seed, but with such power it was surely worth the work!

Maybe you are a magician and inexplicably her name has appeared in your magic vellum and you sought to summon her, or perhaps a piece of jewelry you just bought or have had your whole life was just accidentally touched a specific way and released her from within. This genie is here to serve you, whether she wants to or not, whether you are exploiting her wishes or other play. The question is, are you able to handle her?

Your wish is her command.
Player:Your wish is my command
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf